10 Reasons Why the Number of Abandoned Dogs in the Philippines Continues to Rise

abandoned dogs in the philippines
Here's a sad fact - while many puppies are being born and sold everyday, more dogs are being carelessly abandoned in the streets by their irresponsible owners.

As for the fate of these abandoned dogs, who knows? If they're lucky, they could find new families and homes who would love them better. However, this is more possible for purebred dogs. They could instantly be adopted by anyone who will see them roaming the streets, or be nabbed away and have them sold elsewhere. However, I doubt that purebreds would be abandoned just like that in the first place. Have you seen these online posts of rehoming dogs? In the real world of dog selling, sadly, this "rehoming" term actually means "reselling".

Unfortunately, the case may differ for mongrels (aspins). They could end up in local dogpounds, or on the plates of drunkards. Either way, one thing is for sure - they would end up facing  unwanted deaths.

Real Reasons Why More and More Dogs Are Being Abandoned Everyday

Have you ever wondered why the number of dogs being abandoned everyday continues to rise? You may not be one of these owners, but you or anyone we know could be one of the contributors to the problem.

You're probably thinking of one thing - the financial capabilities of the dog owner. But let's start digging deeper to the problem. Shall we?

Bad Mentality of Filipinos toward dogs

1. Bad Mentality

Many Filipinos think that purebred dogs (older people love calling them "imported") are better than mongrels (aspins / askals). They're too embarrassed to take their mongrels in public, or even to tell people that they have one. For them, only purebred dogs are worthy to be seen by the public eye because apparently, it would reflect their social status.

Dont give dogs as gifts

2. Dogs Being Given as Gifts

Since Facebook became a part of our daily lives, I'm sure you've seen these posts being repeatedly shared before the holidays saying "Dogs shouldn't be given as gifts!". This should be strictly followed that there should be a law against it. Giving dogs to unprepared recipients is definitely wrong in so many levels and could end up in bad consequences.

What if the recipient isn't emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially ready to commit to a possible 15 years of responsible dog ownership? Even that puppy is the cutest thing you've seen in your entire life, no matter how expensive it is, or no matter how that person claims that she's a dog lover, there's still a long list of factors to consider before making sure that anyone's ready for a long term commitment of taking care of a dog. Even some of those who thought that they were ready, suddenly realized the opposite after experiencing the real life as dog owners. It's not all about kissing and cuddling the whole time!

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inlove with puppies

3. Being Attracted to Puppies

Who couldn't resist a cute little puppy? Many people love puppies - and it doesn't matter at first if they're purebred or not. As they grow eventually and show what they really look like, these owners tend to get disappointed that the cute puppy they once begged for from its previous owner turned out to be a stereotype aspin they see everyday. And what comes after disappointment? Right.

unwanted behavior of dogs

4. Dog's Unwanted Behavior

If your biological child grew up to be a bad person, would you blame his genes? Probably not. You shouldn't blame his school nor his friends, either. It's your way of parenting. No criminal was born in a happy and loving family, unless he has some mental disabilities. But this could still be easily taken care of with the right management. Same goes for dogs.

too many puppies

5. Fed up Dealing with Unexpected Puppies

So the female dog gives birth twice a year, every year. Here's the thing - this is none other than the dog owners' fault. There are 2 easy solutions for this - (1) Don't let other male dogs come near her or don't let her roam the streets every time she's "in heat" and (2) Check your local vet or government's yearly program on "Free Spaying / Neutering".

Backyard Breeders / Puppy Millers

6. Backyard Breeders

These backyard breeders or puppy millers' only goal is to earn money from puppies being produced by their bitches (female dogs), ignoring the health concerns the puppies and their "workers" may get in the long run. Because of low quality dog breeding, many of these puppies have more tendencies of being born with developmental problems.

Secondly, because of their desire to spend less and earn more, they sometimes release their puppies to new owners before they reach their 2nd month. According to some studies, puppies who are taken away from their mothers early tend to develop behavioral problems as they grow up.

And to add more fuel to the fire, what do you think would happen to their female dogs once they reach the age that they couldn't produce puppies anymore? Right again.

How to stop these puppy millers from doing these awful stuff? Learn how to identify these backyard breeders and stop buying from them.

Abandoning dog to relocate 

7. Relocation

Many dog owners abandon their dogs as they transfer to new apartments / homes.  It could be due to the new apartment's owner's rules, or they just couldn't think how to transport their dog to the new place. If you don't have a permanent home, why would you get a dog in the first place?

dogs as home alarms

8. Dogs as Cheaper Alternative to Home Security System

Admit it, many Filipinos get dogs for the sole purpose of securing their homes - that's why "Bantay" became the most popular dog name in the country. Many of these pooches spend their entire lives inside their cages or chained to trees. Although being fed daily with left overs, they don't get to live their lives as real dogs. They don't get daily exercises, required socialization, etc. These people wouldn't even pet or train these dogs. They only see them as breathing home alarms.

Once these dogs get old and couldn't serve their purpose anymore, the owners will look for a much younger replacement. What would happen next to the senior dog once he got replaced? I could only think of 3 things.

dogs and kids

9. Having Kids

Do you know that exposing your children to dogs can do a lot of benefits? For those who abandoned their dogs because of this surely had a number of excuses like "financial issues", "time management", or even "fear for their children's safety".

If you're earning just enough to let the days go by without being starved until your next pay-off, then you're not ready for a dog.

If time management becomes an issue, then you didn't think hard before signing up to a possible 15-year commitment before getting yourself a pet.

Lastly, your children's safety shouldn't be a problem if you had trained your dogs well and gave them the proper socialization they require. You don't have to pay for someone else's service just to train your dogs. You can easily do it by yourself. After all, you're the dog parent!

too many dogs at home

10. Exceeding Number of Dogs at Home

This is really simple - Why did you let that happen in the first place?!

All dogs, purebred or not, possess the same capability of understanding and having emotions. They all have the same goal - to be part of a good family who will love them until the end. Unlike humans, they are more capable of loving unconditionally. If you abandon them, just imagine the unbearable pain they would feel. And because they love you unconditionally, your presence and your scent are the only things they would continuously dream of while sleeping at the sidewalks or while having their last breath.

So, why abandon them? Why surrender the only living creature that loves you more than anyone else loves you? They only get to live 7 to 15 years, who are you to deprive them the life that God had graciously given them?

If you know that we're on the same page and want to do something about it, adopt a rescued dog from PAWS, CARA or Animal Kingdom Foundation. These dogs were rescued by these organizations from neglect and cruelty.


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