My Own Review on K9 Show Stopper PLUS Joint Factors

Review on K9 Show Stopper PLUS Joint Factors

We started using K9 Show Stopper Plus Joint Factors after an admin of a large Golden Retrievers' Facebook group recommended it for our Mhershey - who was shedding a lot more than a normal Golden Retriever would. If you're a GR owner, you would feel our pain whenever people see her as a Yellow Labrador Retriever.

At first, we tried to switch her food to a reputable premium dog food. We also switched her shampoo a couple of times to organic ones. We even had her checked to different veterinarians, thinking that she might had some sort of a skin allergy. None of these helped us.

One day, I was able to chat with our group admin. She owns two beautiful golden retrievers and a friend of the most famous GR owners who always participate and win in PCCI Conformation Shows in the Philippines.

According to her, while a premium dog food helps, we should also try this powdered supplement called K9 Show Stopper. It will apparently lessen her shedding, help thicken her coat, and improve her physiques. She advised us to try K9 Show Stopper Plus Joints Factor instead of the other one (K9 Show Stopper Coat and Skin Optimizer). Since retrievers have more tendency to develop joint problems, this will be more beneficial for Mhershey.

We went to different pet shops to look for this supplement. Unfortunately, they don't have this so I tried searching online. The only option I saw is to have it shipped to my relative in US for her to send it here. Since it was only our first time to try and see if Mhershey doesn't have an allergic reaction to it, we asked all our sources where we can get it from here. They lead me to a fellow member who occasionally sells it. Fortunately, we were able to purchase a pound.

After a month of giving K9 Show Stopper Plus Joints Factor, we already saw an improvement.

Here are Mhershey's photos before taking K9 Show Stopper:

Mhershey - Before taking K9 Show Stopper Plus Joint Factors
Mhershey - Before taking K9 Show Stopper Plus Joint Factors

Mhershey - After taking K9 Show Stopper Plus Joint Factors
Mhershey - A month after taking K9 Show Stopper Plus Joint Factors

Other Benefits of K9 Show Stopper Plus Joint Factors

Aside from fighting off excessive shedding and giving your beloved dogs fuller and more gorgeous healthy skin and coat, there are other powerful benefits K9 Show Stopper Plus Joint Factors has:

1. Vitamins
2. Omega 3, 6, DHA & more
3. Phytonutrients
4. Supports Healthy Joints & Flexibility
5. Minerals
6. Antioxidants
7. Pre/Probiotics FOS & Lactobacillus plus
8. Prevents Dry Skin, Hot Spots
9. Dietary Fiber
10. Fights Stress, Boost Immunity

It also contains 11% Protein (min), 50% Fat (min), 10% Fiber (min), 8% Moisture (max), and 143 Calories per scoop.

Recommended Feeding versus Our Own Feeding

The recommended feeding is to begin with 1/2 scoop per day. After 2 weeks, you can build it up to full amount. Mix with food.

Since Mhershey was shedding excessively, we started with 2 scoops a day (we feed her the powder directly). After two weeks, we made it to 4 scoops a day.

K9 Show Stopper or K9 Show Stopper Plus Joint Factors?

Any. But if your dog's breed has more tendency to develop joint problems like retrievers and other large breed dogs, go for K9 Show Stopper Plus Joint Factors. We all want the best for our beloved fur babies, don't we?

Where to Buy it?

If you live outside US and have a friend or a relative there, you can have it shipped to their address and ask them to send it to you via LBC or something.

If you live in US, you're in luck! You can easily purchase through Amazon from any of the following links:

K9 Show Stopper Coat and Skin Optimizer

1 Pound
4 Pounds
7 Pounds

K9 Show Stopper Plus Joint Factors + Skin Supplement

1 Pound
4 Pounds
7 Pounds 

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  1. We're using K9 Show Stopper for our 2 huskies, 4 american akitas and 1 germand shepherd. It's really effective. Less shedding and more gorgeous coats!

    1. where do you usually buy your k9 show stopper?

    2. I live in Seattle so I also buy it from Amazon. More convenient.

  2. i'm a chow chow breeder from the Philippines and i'm also giving them k9 show stopper plus joint factors. this is like a magic supplement, really effective! unfortunately, it's really hard to find local suppliers here in the country. will purchase now through the links you provided. thank you!

    - ray mananzala

  3. Got my 4 pound k9 show stopper today. Thanks for recommending it!

    1. Where did you buy it?got one today but the seller sold me 4lbs for a much expensive price:( hope you could reply..tnx

    2. Therese SandovalMay 27, 2016 at 11:15 AM

      Hi Anna. I got mine from the link the author had posted above :) I'm making another order again today :)

  4. my dogs love k9 show stopper. it boosted their appetite and improved their built. tried and tested!!!

    1. Got one today but the seller sold me for a very expensive price..2x the market price..would appreciate it if you could tell me where you bought it tnx

    2. got mine from Amazon as well

  5. I've been using k9 showstopper for my collie for quite some time now - it's very effective in improving my dog's coat. This is the only supplement I'm giving him.. it also improved his appetite!

  6. k9 showstopper philippinesOctober 22, 2016 at 6:36 AM

    if anyone from the philippines is interested to try or buy k9 showstopper, text me! 09178166393 (we only sell k9 showstopper within the philippines only. if you're outside the country, might as well purchase from amazon or directly from the links this reliable dog blogger had posted - i successfully bought 2 bags of showstopper last month from the links above)


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