Why I Stopped Feeding My Dogs Meat Sawdust

ground meat sawdust

I was reading some homemade dog food recipes earlier when I came across an article suggesting that everyone should switch to meat sawdust as an alternative to quality meat. There was a time when I had actually thought of sticking to this option, but something happened one day that made me realize that going for cheaper alternatives isn't always the best idea, and may often lead to tragic consequences.

What is Meat Sawdust?

raw meat

But first, what is this meat sawdust? What's the big deal about it and why do many Facebook dog owners recommend it?

Meat sawdust is a combination of ground pork and ground beef. Other groceries and meat shops mix it with other variants such as ground chicken, ox, or fish as well. You might hear some Filipinos call it "pinag-tabasan" because generally, these are the "wastes" from cutting meats that are re-packed straight from their machines (and chopping boards), and sold for a very affordable price.

Sounds healthy, right? Well, that's what I thought.

Jordan - The Senior Black Labrador Retriever

jordan our black labrador
Jordan - a sweet old labrador retriever who finally got the chance to explore the world for the first time.
3 years ago, someone gave us Jordan - a senior black labrador retriever. Apparently, his 1st owner could no longer take care of him. He was really malnourished that I could easily see his ribs. He couldn't walk properly because he spent almost his entire life chained.

He didn't want to eat kibbles so we fed him homemade dogfood during his first 4 months in our care. We were spending more or less Php 500 a day for his food only. His health and energy obviously got better but he was still a little underweight. We had to add a little more protein to his diet but since I was already 7 months pregnant then (not to mention that I was having a high-risk pregnancy and was spending atleast Php 20,000 for my meds and follow up check-ups) and I could only do so much, we knew we had to think of other options.

Our Experience with Meat Sawdust

Jordan eating his homemade dog food
Jordan - 4 months after we got him. His energy, appetite, and body improved, but he was still underweight and his skin and coat was still in not-so-good condition.

That's when a friend advised us to feed him meat sawdust instead. There's a reputable meat shop a few blocks away from home so we tried it immediately. Jordan liked it that it only took him less than 5 minutes to finish a whole large bowl of boiled meat sawdust mixed with rice. We also gave the same "special diet" to our picky-eaters, Mhershey and Archer. This continued for more than 2 months until the meat shop suddenly closed and left us with no other option - buy from the mall's grocery.

While the latter may sound harmless, many people from this city would probably agree that the meat from the grocery of this "huge mall" has a distinctive smell. It doesn't taste good either.

However, we couldn't just change their diet immediately without undergoing a 3-day food transition, so we only bought a few packs. When I opened a pack, I already smelled something like that of a rotten egg. When I started washing the meat sawdust, I felt some strange tiny stuff mixed with it. I thought they were just crushed bones but my horror came true when I looked at them closely. They were staples! I also saw a few crystal-like stuff that were like broken glasses. Without any second thought, I put everything we bought in a garbage bag and dumped it outside.

What if I didn't see these tiny killers? I couldn't imagine the possible scenario if I had chosen to ignore those hard stuff I felt while washing it. Sometimes, my trust issues can be helpful too.

I posted it on an online forum for dogs that night. Many members shared some similar experiences as well. We're talking about different sources here - not only about the grocery where I bought that last meat sawdust.

Important Note to Dog Owners Who Feed Their Dogs Meat Sawdust

important note

This is a big lesson not just for me, but for all of us. Maybe some of you who are meat-sawdust-fans haven't encountered a similar experience yet, but this should be your starting point to be more careful in what you choose to feed your dogs.

If you still want to continue feeding sawdust, check for possible inedible items in the meat. Wash it more than twice. If it has a foul smell and/or if you felt something strange in the meat, dump it immediately. Most importantly, never feed your dogs raw meat sawdust! I've been seeing some dog owners on Facebook feeding this to their pets. One of the dogs I saw eating this got an infection called "Listeria" eventually.

While raw feeding dogs has its own benefits and risks, it only applies to quality and fresh raw meat... not the scrap ones taken from meat grinders or contaminated chopping boards. However, I wouldn't recommend this kind of feeding since we haven't tried it yet.

Alternatives to Meat Sawdust

As responsible dog owners, we always want the best for them. Instead of feeding them meat sawdust, there are other healthier alternatives like chicken (and liver), turkey, beef, lamb, bison, etc. Some fruits and vegetables are good, too!

If you really like a cheaper alternative, I would personally recommend premium kibbles like Acana, Go Naturals, Taste of the Wild, or Orijen.

These premium kibbles are made from high quality and all-natural ingredients. We've already tried these four brands and all showed positive results on our dogs' health, skin, and coat - especially to Jordan who transformed from a sad and traumatized dog to a happy and energetic senior pooch a few weeks after sticking to this premium diet.

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  1. Thank you so much we were feeding our dog sawdust but now ill feed him meat with better quality

  2. I think we better buy some legit groceries store and check it carefully before we feed to our dogs

    1. SM Hypermarket is a legit grocery store. And that's where I bought that smelly sawdust years ago.

    2. dont try to buy from any SM malls. if you want a fresh sawdust meat with no foul smell, try it in rustans and landmarks. you'll see the meat is still in red color and fresh

    3. You said it yourself that a reputable meatshop you only trust is where you should get the bone sawdust(is the proper description), and you and your dog will be fine.

  3. Thank you so much for being a responsible dog owner 🐕👍

  4. Thanks for info... would you know who sells greem tripes. My dog has chronic kidney disease .. i finslly found someone delivering raw goat milk

  5. I used to give my dog sawdust meat.. less than 5x I think.. but I don't like the texture of it.. since then, I prefer giving my dog chicken or pork liver and a good quality meat..

  6. Which grocery is this please?

  7. Im still feeding my dog meat sawdust from quality meatshop owner..i know the meat is clean and fresh..so far my dogs are healthy..

    1. Good for you then!

      I have deleted too many negative posts about my article. This post was made out of my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. The title is "Why I Stopped Feeding My Dogs Meat Sawdust..." and not "Why You Should Stop Feeding Your Dogs Meat Sawdust..".

      Oh my God people, get a grip. If you want to feed your dogs meat sawdust, it's up to you. No one is forcing you to stop. :)

    2. Where did you get your sawdust ? And how much ?

  8. its my first time to buy saw dust meat yeaterday .. but i dont like the smell.. then i found out that saw dust if not good for puppies .. :( thats why ive stop buying it again .

  9. Except sm hypermarket, where do you think can i buy a good quality sawdust for my buddy?

  10. Ilang hours po ba nasisira ang sawdust na pinakuluan kapag di nalagay sa ref brownout pu kasi samin e and walang freezer pero pinakuluan ko na yung half kilo ng sawdust

  11. Try nyo po s robinson supermarket kng may malapit s inyo. Maaga lng punta nyo ksi s area namin ubos n pag hapon. Last time i bought it was at 65 per kilo. That was around early 2019 pa so baka nag increase n price.

  12. Share q lang.. Twice q pinapakuluan ung sawdust para hnd macyadong ma mantika. Suka at konting salt lang lagay q. Sa 3 branches of monterey na sawdust napaka dumi ng sawdust nila madaming ipis kaya hnd na kami umulit. sa puregold kami bumibili. Malinis at bago.. pero double check kc baka may butong naligaw.. and 3 days sa ref ubos na ng mga alaga. para sure dapat dinidrain cya pag inistore sa ref para sa mga furbabies natin.. mas madaling masira pag may sabaw sabaw.. dapat ida-dry tlaga ung sawdust for me ah.. hinahaluan q cya ng dog food and gulay2 pag siniserve q sa mga alaga q.. so far ok naman at dun cla lumaki ng husto..

  13. 500 a day on dog food for a single dog? that can't be right!

  14. I never fed saw dust to my dogs and never will. I will never put their health at risk.

    Whether its from SM, Rustans or Monterey - saw dist is trash.

  15. Now I'm scared because I wanted to buy for my dog, I'll check genuine meat stores and they love bigger chunks of meat not mincemeat. I'm disappointed

  16. Lucky for us we've not experienced anything like it (yet). As for cleanliness of the shop, i can say it's clean in the customers area. we have to reserve coz they don't have it all the time. i used to cook it with little sabaw but eventually i started frying it para may tutong konti. i never thought though of washing it before cooking coz i dump it right into the pan. after reading the posts, will make sure to wash it twice before frying even if there's no foul smell.

  17. Lucky for us we've not experienced anything like it (yet). As for cleanliness of the shop, i can say it's clean in the customers area. we have to reserve coz they don't have it all the time. i used to cook it with little sabaw but eventually i started frying it para may tutong konti. i never thought though of washing it before cooking coz i dump it right into the pan. after reading the posts, will make sure to wash it twice before frying even if there's no foul smell.


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