Meet Mhershey - Our Beautiful and Smart English Cream Golden Retriever

Mhershey the Golden Retriever - Philippines

My husband and I are dog lovers and wanted our child to be the same. Besides, kids exposed early to dogs are known to grow up as more responsible individuals. Who wouldn't want that?

Getting a New Dog

I was 3 months pregnant when we decided to get a new dog for our child. My husband's 1st choice was a Great Dane. But when we did our research, we discovered that this breed's average life span is only 7 years. That was only half of the life span of other breeds and we're scared of the potential untimely heartbreak.

The next breed that we considered was my dream dog - a Newfoundland. It's known to be the friendliest dog breed, and is reported to be perfect for families with young children. Unfortunately, getting one would cost us Php 80,000 to Php 150,000. Although we can afford it, the price is ridiculous (no offense meant!). Getting a Newfoundland is still on my bucket list, but not now.

We did more extensive research, and that's when we realized that a golden retriever would fit our lifestyle and goals. We considered everything - from our budget to our daily routines. Indeed, a golden retriever would be a perfect companion for our child.

Meeting Mhershey for the First Time

On July 9, 2013, our veterinarian friend called to inform us that he knew a reliable dog breeder with a golden retriever puppy. We immediately called the breeder, and that same night, we went to his house to see his last puppy.

When we got there, we were immediately impressed with the kennel's condition - it's spotless and organized. It didn't have that kind of smell most of you would probably imagine when talking about "dog kennels." The cages were placed adequately so that each had proper ventilation. They were all placed in a sizeable adjustable tent with an air conditioner.

There were also three adult golden retrievers. One of them was the puppy's sire. His name is Parker - a very handsome golden retriever who's obviously a conformation type. Actually, we can tell that all the adult goldens in that kennel are perfect for conformation shows, judging by their appearances and how they were taken care of.

Then we finally saw the golden retriever puppy. I immediately noticed her snout was longer than a usual GR pup, but we no longer cared. We instantly fell in love with her! There was this "sudden positive connection" when she looked at us.

Her coat was close to white, a much lighter shade compared to many golden retrievers we see in magazines and on television. They call it "English Cream, " which is uncommon in the Philippines. But during that time, we didn't know this yet. The affection we felt for that puppy was pure. From the moment we saw her, we already knew she was the one.

We never had the chance to name her. Since she's already turning 3 months, we decided to stick with the name on her PCCI Registration - Mhershey.

After asking the breeder questions about her dam (he doesn't own the pup's mother), we already settled everything because we're excited to take her home. Inside the car, she was quietly sitting on my lap, and her head was resting on my 3-month pregnant tummy. This "car habit" continued until my growing tummy and her body could no longer fit on the passenger seat.
Meeting 2-month old Mhershey for the first time
Meeting 2-month-old Mhershey for the first time

Mhershey's First Night at Home
Mhershey's First Night at Home

Yes - Mhershey loves fans eversince!
Yes - Mhershey loves fans eversince!

Mhershey used to sleep between me and my husband.
Mhershey used to sleep between me and my husband until she got bigger.

Mhershey and her first toy - a stuffed golden retriever puppy
Mhershey and her first toy - a stuffed golden retriever puppy

Princess the hairless Shih-tzu and Mhershey the 3-month old golden retriever - their first and last photo together
Princess, the hairless Shih-Tzu, and Mhershey, the 3-month-old golden retriever - their first and last photo together

Because Mhershey doesn't like rough floors. :)
Because Mhershey doesn't like rough floors. :)

Mhershey resting on my pregnant tummy. I bet she was listening to her baby bro.

We started her dog training at 3 months to prepare her for the baby.
Dog training - leave it!
"Leave it!"

Dog training - shake hands
"Shake hands!"

dog training - from sitting position to lying down
(From a sitting position) "Lie down!"

Life with Mhershey

No precise words to express how fortunate we are to have Mhershey. She's the sweetest and most intelligent dog we ever had. She became not only our son's best buddy but also his big sister and most reliable babysitter.
mhershey - golden retriever and baby
Mhershey and our son's first photo (2013) 

mhershey - golden retriever guarding baby
Mhershey guarding her baby brother at a park (2014)

mhershey golden retriever and baby
Partners in Crime: Mhershey and her baby bro checking out a vacant room (2015)

mhershey golden retriever and baby
Baby bro trying to wake up Mhershey (2016)

Baby bro suddenly approached Mhershey, who was about to be groomed by Daddy. He thought his dad was about to do something "bad" to his sister. (2016)

Mhershey also impresses people by showing off her cool tricks during dog talent shows. She has already won many contests and made her name known to a few significant people in the field.

Mhershey the English Cream Golden Retriever

Looking Back

Now as I look back... Maybe she was the last puppy sold from the litter because she didn't have all the characteristics of a show-type golden retriever. When we traced her bloodline, almost every dog there is a title holder. Her younger half-brother is also a handsome conformation dog and is only a few points away from becoming a Philippine Champion.

Casper and Mhershey - English Cream Golden Retrievers
Mhershey (Right) and her younger half-brother Casper (Left)

If that was the real reason why she was the last puppy of the litter, I hope she doesn't know it. Or at least, I wish she thinks God made the first buyers not to choose her because she's meant for us. She may not have those qualifications for being considered a "show dog," but she's the prettiest and smartest golden retriever for us.

Mhershey the golden retriever
Mhershey the golden retriever


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