For now, you can call me Momma Dog. I grew up in a family of animal lovers- hardcore ones, I must say. People used to call our house "bahay ampunan" (exclusive for dogs and cats). My older sister and father love to adopt "aspins" (Asong Pinoy) and stray cats. Unlike others, these dogs weren't treated as "guard dogs." They're treated as "second children." Sometimes, they're more spoiled than real human kids!

I had my dog when I was six years old, and my family called her "Ren-Ren." She's a large, senior bi-eyed dog with long black and white fur.

I fed her thrice a day and brushed her hair every bath. I can still remember how she looked at me whenever I shared my bananas. God, I miss her!

When I started my own family, dogs were still a part of our lives, especially during the first eight years of our married life when we struggled with infertility.

As of this writing, we have five dogs at home - two Golden Retrievers, two black Labrador Retrievers, and a Chinese Crested. Our old house in Quezon City, which my older sister and her family currently occupy, still serves as a "bahay ampunan" for stray dogs and cats. They have a total of six dogs (5 of them were given up by their previous owners, and each of them has its own sad story, and 1 of them is a Jack Russell Terrier given to my niece by her ex-boyfriend) and two cats (both rescued from the streets). My parents currently reside on our farm and have six loyal fat dogs. Sources unknown.

Golden Retrievers
Our 2 Golden Retrievers - Mhershey and Archer
Black Labrador
Our Male Black Labrador - Shadow

About the Site

I have built several blogs - an entertainment blog, a mom blog, and much more. Then I realized- since I love dogs that much, why not create a website to share all my doggie-related knowledge and experiences? Instead of answering repetitive dog queries on Facebook all day, I can just put everything in a single post.

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