How to Prevent and Treat Heat Stroke in Dogs

How to prevent and treat heat stroke in dogs

As responsible pet owners, we must ensure our dogs are safe and comfortable in hot weather conditions. As summer approaches and temperatures rise, protecting our furry friends from the dangers of heat stroke is crucial. Heat stroke in dogs can cause serious health complications, including organ failure and even death.

Back from the Dead!

Mhershey the Golden Retriever

It's been quite a while since I last posted here. Tons of things had already happened. Our golden retriever, Mhershey, died last year all of a sudden. I was pregnant then, and we were not home when she crossed the rainbow bridge. The cause was unknown. When we left home that morning, she was still healthy.

A Road Accident Between a Motorcycle and a Dog: Who’s to Blame?

road accident with a dog

Last week, we witnessed a road accident involving a motorcycle and a dog in the middle of the night. Even though it's part of the National Highway going north, the area where it happened has insufficient streetlights. In addition to that, that very road is surrounded by residential houses.

How Strong is a Pitbull?

How strong is a pitbull

Just how strong do you think a pitbull is?

Can the tight skin and strong muscles tow an empty box trailer a few yards? Or he could help with moving your living room sofa.

Life Lessons We Can All Learn by Having a Dog

life lessons from dogs

Dogs are lovely, furry, warm, and cuddly. They are our companions that often become our best friends. We are drawn to their personalities, wagging tails, and friendly dispositions. Through the years of owning a dog, they grow, and we grow with them. Often, they teach us valuable lessons as we grow together. Having a dog can really change your perspective. All we need to do is observe them and be mindful of our interactions with them.

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