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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders: Why We Should Stop Them Now

Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders

Adding a new furry companion into your home involves a long decision-making process. It all starts with choosing where you can get one. The most popular source of dogs in the Philippines are the puppy millers or backyard breeders. If you're considering to get a puppy from these breeders, there are some things that you should know about them first.

What are puppy mills and backyard breeders?

A puppy mill is a derogatory term for an establishment or place where backyard breeding takes place. Backyard breeding refers to the type of breeding with little regard to the health or condition of the animals used. These backyard breeders mass-produce puppies and offer them for sale in pet stores or online.

Many pet organizations advise against buying from them due to the fact that these establishments sacrifice the emotional and physical health and welfare of dogs just so they can minimize overhead costs and maximize their profits.

Puppy millers or backyard breeders often violate the recommended rules for responsible breeding by breeding the female dogs every chance they get with only little or no recovery time. They are usually being bred twice a year. At that rate, they can no longer be able to reproduce at the age of 5 to 7. Beyond that age, those who have completely lost their capability to reproduce are usually being disposed, resold, abandoned, or worse, killed to give space and cut costs.

Another problem is that the dogs that they produce are not always registered or have fake licenses from Philippine Canine Club, Inc (PCCI). Registering your dog with the premiere dog registration body in your country is important to ensure the preservation of your pet’s pedigree.

How to identify Backyard Breeders?

If you want to ensure that you're not buying a dog from a puppy miller or backyard breeder, you must know how to identify them. That’s easy. You just have to look for the following signs:

  • The establishment sells different types of purebred dogs (more than 3 types of breeds).
  • The breeder sells puppies as young as six weeks old.
  • The seller hesitates in showing you the breeding and living space of the dogs.
  • They do not make a commitment to take the puppies back. Responsible breeders offer their clients lifetime guarantees.
  • They do not ask too many questions from you. Responsible breeders are concerned about what kind of life the puppy will have when you adopt them.
  • They advertise their business in newspapers and online more often than they should.
  • The breeder offers new or rare hybrids. Responsible breeders do not experiment with breeding.

If the seller you are talking to exhibits any or all of the red flags mentioned above, it is best that you cancel the transaction immediately - or better yet, report them to Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Why buying from backyard breeders is not recommended

If you'll compare the price of the puppies from a puppy mill from those from a responsible breeder, the former is a lot more affordable. However, there are other things that are more important than the puppy's selling price - the much bigger price you'll have to pay eventually.

• Health conditions

Since these backyard breeders do not take the needed precautionary measures in breeding dogs (most of them are fans of inbreeding), genetic diseases may develop. The sad part is, symptoms of such diseases will only show up during the latter part of your furry friend’s life, which may lead to higher veterinary bills or even sudden death.

• Behavioral problems

One of the things that this type of breeder overlooks is the process of temperament selection. Their puppies are being sold before they even turn 8 weeks old, which is too young for them to be separated from their mothers. This may lead to socialization difficulties and eventually to serious behavioral problems that will be too difficult to correct.

Negative implications of backyard breeders

Patronizing this type of breeders have far bigger implications than you can ever think of. If people will continue buying from these breeders, we will have to face these consequences in the long run.

• There will no longer be quality dog breeds in the future.

Since these breeders experiment with mixing breeds, the genetic superiority of purebred canines will become diluted and will be mixed with other traits that will weaken the overall integrity and quality of our existing breeds.

• Dogs will have more health problems.

Since these breeders have no regard for safety, security and hygiene, the dogs that they are breeding and will breed will be prone to infections and may harbor harmful microorganisms which can be passed along to other dogs and pups among their pack.

• There will be a large population of unregistered dogs or dogs with fake registrations.

Since most of the dogs that come from these breeders have no certifications, the regulation and registration of animals will be difficult and it would become impossible to trace their genetic origins in the long run. The use of fake papers will increase more, and as a result, we can no longer guarantee if the puppy we're buying is a quality and purebred pup. Who knows? That cute little dog you're in love to might be a result of inbreeding.

We, as responsible dog owners and pawrents, have the power to put a stop to this inhumane breeding process. We can do that by not patronizing these puppy mills and backyard breeders. If you're planning to buy a dog, only buy from reputable breeders. You can find most of them at PCCI shows (Philippine Circuit Shows, etc.).

Stop Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders in the Philippines

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Top 10 Causes of Death in Dogs and How To Prevent Them

Top 10 Causes of Death in Dogs and How To Prevent Them

It is difficult to imagine life without our beloved dogs. However, saying goodbye to our furry friends is something that we have to do at some point in our lives.

Despite the inevitable, we should still exert effort in protecting our dogs from the things that may cause them harm. In order to prolong the life of your dog, it is important that you identify what are those things you should protect your dog from.

With that in mind, here are the top ten causes of dog deaths and how you can prevent them.

1. Poisoning

Just like in humans, there are also some types of food that are bad for your furry friend. Dog poisoning is at the top of this list due to the fact that Filipinos have plenty of seemingly harmless household items lying around their homes that their pets can ingest. What might these "poisons" be? To name a few, we have chocolates, human medications, plants, pesticides, insecticides and other human foods.

What is safe for humans may not necessarily be safe for dogs. To prevent food poisoning, it is recommended that you do your research about what foods are okay for your dog to eat and which food you should avoid feeding them.

2. Hit by car

A small vehicular accident can end the life of your beloved pet. Sadly, this happens a lot in the Philippines. Lucky for you, this is an easy accident to prevent. The only thing that you have to do is to be diligent in keeping your dog out of the streets. If you're not at home, it is best that you keep your furball in a playpen or a comfortable cage inside your house.

Teaching your dog the "sit and stay" trick is also useful in preventing your dog from bolting out into the streets every time the door or gate opens.

3. Liver failure

This serious condition is usually brought about by high-fat diet, chronic infections, medications, toxins and physical injuries. Signs of liver failure include weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness, seizures, ascites, blood in poop or pee, and the most noticeable sign of all— jaundice or a yellow tint in your pet's eyes, gums and tongue.

You can easily help your dog avoid suffering from liver failure. Invest time taking him to the vet on a regular basis. You must also inform the vet about any medications or supplements that your dog is taking. Last but not the least, make sure that the diet of your dog is well-balanced. If you're feeding him kibbles, give him premium ones like Acana or Orijen, instead of opting to cheaper dog food brands sold in the market. There's an increasing number of reports of liver failure in dogs because of the quality of dog food they're eating.

4. Dog Eaters

Aside from being the most favorite household pets, dogs are also considered to be one of the best “pulutan” in the Philippines. Despite having a law that bans the practice of eating dogs, it has been noted that about 290,000 dogs a year are being eaten in our country.

To prevent your dog from being a "beer chow", take some precautionary measures to ensure that your dog will be safe and protected inside your house or compound at all times.

5. Parvo Virus

Many responsible pawrents have surely heard (and are already dreading) about this virus. The Canine Parvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease which greatly affects the intestinal tract of dogs. Telltale signs of this disease include foul-smelling and bloody diarrhea, loss of appetite and severe vomiting. The disease usually leads to death due to dehydration.

The best way to protect your dog from Parvo virus is to make sure that his vaccinations are always up to date.

6. Canine Distemper

Just like Parvo, Canine Distemper is also a contagious viral disease that is spread through air and by direct contact with other infected animals. Symptoms of the disease include coughing, sneezing, vomiting and diarrhea, lethargy, fever and thick mucus coming from the nose and the eyes.

To protect your furry friend from this disease is also through routine vaccinations. If your dog is showing these symptoms, immediately isolate him from your other dogs.

7. Complications from Anesthesia

This is actually a form of malpractice that may lead to the death of your beloved pet. The older the dog is, the more he is prone to anesthesia complications.

If your pet will be undergoing any surgery in the future, it is recommended that you ask for a simple blood test before putting the dog under anesthesia. This is to inform you if it is safe to put your dog under it or not.

8. Suffocation

Some of the emergencies that may cause your dog to suffocate include food or object lodging in the throat, drowning, being trapped in spaces that lack air, lung injury and inhalation of toxic gases.

To prevent this, you should put away any objects or food items that may get dislodged in the throat of your dogs. Additionally, you must always keep track of your dog's whereabouts to make sure that they are not staying in small spaces. 

9. Vet Malpractice

Grooming accidents may lead to death as is the case of Tyler as featured in Coconuts Manila. Other cases of vet malpractice include drug overdose, anesthesia overdose, misdiagnosis and many more.

This can be easily prevented by choosing a licensed and certified veterinarian and groomer. Additionally, you can also choose groomers who accept house calls. If you prefer taking your pets to these clinics/stores, be present during the grooming session and never leave the premises without your dog/s.

10. Cancer

Cancer is not just a human condition. Believe it or not, it can affect dogs too, especially the older ones. One of the most popular dog cancer case in the Philippines is that of Kabang, the hero dog who rescued two children from what could have been a fatal motorcycle crash. She suffered from an unusual vaginal cancer but is now declared free of cancer.

The best cure for dog cancer is prevention and you can do this by reducing your use of tick and flea products as well as toxic household chemicals. You must also avoid spaying or neutering your dog before the age of one year.

You play a great role in extending the life of your friend. As responsible pet owners, let us all take some time and effort to carry out the precautionary measures needed to protect our dogs from these things.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Doggy Dan's Online Dog Trainer: A High-Profiled Scam?

Doggy Dan's Online Dog Trainer: A High-Profiled Scam?

Ever felt frustrated about how your dog's behaving in public? Are you thinking of getting some sort of help but you’re not exactly sure who to call?

Dogs' unruly behaviors are extremely stressful on their own, and as a frustrated pet owner, the last thing you want to happen is to realize you’ve invested in the wrong program- or the wrong person.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How To Potty Train a Puppy Easily and Effectively

Potty Training a Puppy Effectively

Having a new puppy is not just about the highs and the joys of having a new living fur ball at home. You also need to have a clear understanding of the responsibilities and duties that come with bringing a new life to the family or, to most of you, to your pack.

If you'll consider the possible outcomes, you may result into thinking, "What if my other dogs won't like him?" or "What if he soiled my leather sofa?". There could be countless of scenarios that may make you hate yourself, make you crazy, or even make you cry your eyes out.

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