6 Proven Ways to Make Your Dog's Coat Softer, Shinier and Healthier from the Inside

Proven Ways to Make Your Dog's Coat Softer, Shinier and Healthier from the Inside

There are times when we find it hard not to compare our dogs to others; especially when it comes to their built, height and coat. Then you'd find yourself asking, "What am I doing wrong?".

Buying and applying all the hair products from your local pet store may sound tempting, but no matter how much you spend on them, it is only a temporary solution. That famous shampoo everyone's talking about may help him look like a famous celebrity dog, but how long will it last? A day? Or maybe a couple more days inside his crate?

There could be several reasons why your dog's coat is dull and lifeless:

1. Nutritional deficiency
2. Poor health
2. Skin allergy or disease
3. Weather
4. Bad hair shampoo / hair products
5. Environment
6. ... and many more!

The first step in improving your dog's coat is to determine which of these factors is causing his fur to dry out. The most common is nutritional deficiency since there are lots of cheap low-quality dog foods being released in the market today. This requires "treating from the inside".

Here are the top 7 proven ways to make your dog's coat softer, shinier and healthier from the inside:

1. Feed Your Dogs Trusted Premium Dog Food Only

In general, cheap and low quality dog foods contain improperly balanced ingredients. Some are just made of corn, grains, etc. I've been receiving tons of reports for the past 8 years from dog owners who are feeding low quality commercialized dog foods to their lovable pets. More than 40% of their dogs suffered from liver failure, and the rest were complaining of hard-to-treat skin allergies and excessive shedding.

Personally, I used to give my dogs commercialized / low-quality dog food until a friend convinced me to switch to Acana - one of the best premium dog foods today. After 3 to 4 weeks, I saw some significant changes in my dogs' bodies and coats. Since then, I became loyal to premium kibbles. I do a diet rotation on a periodic basis (Acana - Go! - Orijen or Acana - Go! - Nupec).

It's important to find out first where he's allergic to. If he's allergic to fish, avoid giving him food with fish content. If he's not, I would personally recommend Acana Pacifica. This variant is specially formulated to provide luxurious skin and coat for any breed of dogs.

Acana Pacifica 

You can also try Go Sensitivity and Shine Salmon. I've been reading a lot of good reviews about this specific brand and variant. Not to mention, this is Mhershey's breeder's personal favorite for his show dogs.

Go Sensitivity and Shine Salmon 

2. One Teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil for Large Dogs, 1/4 for Small Dogs

To be given once a day, 7 days a week. You can mix it with his drinking water or dog food.

There are actually tons of health benefits your dog can get from this wonder oil. Aside from a healthy skin and coat, virgin coconut oil improves digestion, increases nutrient absorption, eliminates bad breath, balances insulin, increases energy, helps prevent infection and disease, and many more.

I use Prosource Virgin Coconut Oil from Mercury Drugstore. My dogs love it!

3. Always Keep Your Dog's Area Clean and Dry

Dirty matting or flooring causes a wide variety of bacterial infections, mostly affecting the dog's skin. Skin allergies and infections are seriously difficult to recover from, especially if excessive shedding is involved.

4. Use Organic Dog Shampoos

Obviously, too much chemicals can ruin anything. I use organic dog shampoo and conditioner called Saint Roche. It is formulated with the highest quality of herbal oil extracts like Moringa Oil Extract, Eucalyptus Oil Extract, Oatmeal Oil Extract, and Aloe Vera Oil Extract. So far, so good.

5. Observe Proper Bathing Schedule

Never give your dogs a daily bath. You're not only risking his health, but also his skin and coat. A daily dog bath can cause his coat to dry and shed excessively. Here's a good dog bathing schedule from DogTime.com.

6. Give him K9 Show Stopper Coat and Skin Optimizer

I won't stop recommending this product. I've been feeding my golden retrievers K9 Show Stopper for more than 2 years now and it never failed to amaze me. I've already posted my own review here with before and after photos of Mhershey for proof.

There's no need to add more supplements if you're already giving K9 Show Stopper to your dogs, since it's already packed with all the nutrients your dog needs for his coat and overall health.

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  1. i feed my dogs acana pacifica and k9 show stopper as their supplement. they're gorgeous. we participate in conformation shows. i highly recommend this combination. - alvin from the philippines

  2. I tried K9 Show Stopper for my dog. After a few weeks, I noticed that the shedding lessened. After a month, his double coat became more visible. I love it! Thanks for sharing it.



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