6 Ways You May Be Killing Your Dog

6 Ways You May Be Killing Your Dog

Taking care of dogs entails a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, as much as we try, there are still times when we still fall short of our responsibilities and obligations as dog parents. Whether you are new to having a dog at home or have been living with one for years, here are some things you do and don’t do that could harm your pet.

1. Low-quality feeding

low quality dog food
The cost of dog foods, particularly those from high-quality brands, can take up most of your dog’s allowance. While dog foods with low-quality ingredients can save you a certain amount of money, they can harm your dog in the long run.

Aside from that, these foods can’t meet your dog’s nutritional requirements, and some of their contents can pose health threats, too. For example, a high amount of fat and salt can cause kidney and liver damage. Some of them may even cause allergies and skin diseases.

2. Missing vaccinations

missing dog vaccinations
As infectious diseases are the most common causes of dog death, it’s a wise move if you can keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date. In general, the costs of these vaccines are typically way lower than the amount of money you’ll spend on medicines and hospitalization fees in case your dog does get sick. As the cliche goes, prevention is always better than cure, right?

3. Overuse of chemical-based products

dog ticks
While it’s a good idea to keep everything at home squeaky clean, you must also consider that some of your dog’s primal behaviors include biting and licking. Cleaning his toys and feeding bowls with potent cleaning agents can leave residues that, when ingested, may be harmful and fatal to your dog.

When using a tick or flea product, it can help if you study the brand and the product first. Read the ingredients to see if any toxic ingredients may not suit your dog. This idea shouldn’t be limited to cleaning and flea products. In fact, when buying anything for your dog, it’s best if you can go for all-natural and organic products.

4. Skipping exercise

dogs lack of exercise
Denying your dog his daily short walk in the park can affect his health in the long run. Obesity, blood sugar, and even his joints can suffer from insufficient physical activity. Aside from these health issues, skipping exercise can also result in unwanted behaviors in your dog. It can lead to boredom, hyperactivity, and even aggression.

5. Lack of attention

lack of attention to dogs
Dogs can also suffer from depression. They may be disinterested in food, play, or even a good belly rub. If you’re too busy to give your dog proper attention, it’s also possible for him to misbehave. He may have minor accidents at home or chew on your furniture because he’s feeling bored and unhappy.

Other than these things, dogs not given proper attention are also prone to poor hygiene. This can mean extra long nails, tangled fur, and even obesity.

6. Self-Medication

self medicating dog
While the internet can look like a giant treasure chest of answers, some things are better left in professionals' hands. This is particularly true with your dog’s health. Instead of searching for answers online or creating a treatment plan, you should immediately take him to the vet. Delaying medical attention, particularly if your dog isn’t feeling well, will put his health and his life at risk.


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