8 Annoying Dog Owners on Facebook: Are You One of Them?

Annoying Facebook Girl - Annoying Dog Owners on Facebook
It's true. Not all dog owners are dog lovers, and not all dog lovers deserve to own dogs.

While no dog owner is perfect, most of the time, a little common sense is the only thing that can aid us in adequately handling our fur babies, especially during urgent situations.

Every day, I see various posts on different dog groups on how people handle their "beloved" pets. Some are great, some are tolerable, some need to be educated seriously, while some need to be contained immediately before they lay eggs.

Here are the most annoying dog lovers and owners that unfortunately exist on Facebook, and worse.. on earth. Are you one of them?

1. The Low-Budget Dog Buyer

the low budget dog buyer - annoying dog owner on facebook

You're looking for a purebred dog with that budget? And worse, you wanted it to be PCCI-registered? Do you know the costs of a puppy's vaccines and the whole litter's registration?

Before releasing a puppy, a good breeder spends about P1,550 to P2,500 for a puppy's vaccination and deworming. Another P900 to a fortune, depending on the number of puppies, for registering them.

And I haven't mentioned the costs of dog food, milk, or any supplements yet.

Most importantly, if you're low on budget, what makes you think you can care for and raise the dog properly? What will you feed him? What if he got sick? How about his scheduled vaccines? You're not thinking of just sitting in a corner, crying, while waiting for your parents' money or a miracle... are you?

2. The Choosy Dog Adopter

choose dog adopter - annoying dog owner on facebook

Please don't get me wrong. You may have the purest of intentions in wanting to adopt a dog. However, if you have a breed preference and don't want to adopt an "aspin" or at least a half-breed dog, don't try to fool anyone by saying you just want to save a dog's life. You obviously need that dog for other purposes like showing off, breeding, or other self-satisfying reasons.

I won't get tired of saying this: If you want a purebred dog, buy one!

3. The Clueless First Timer

clueless first timer dog owner - annoying dog owner on facebook

You have the money. You bought a puppy because you can't resist his cuteness. What if that puppy requires constant grooming, a daily 30-minute walk, or perhaps, exceptional dog food and some supplements to maintain his lustrous coat?

Are you willing to devote this much time and money for the next 10 to 15 years? No? Not sure? Then congratulations! You just threw this puppy's chance of having a good life from a well-deserved potential owner. What's your next move now? Re-sell him? Put him up for adoption? Or keep and cage him for the rest of his life? You're now one of the worst and most irresponsible dog owners in the history of men.

A responsible dog owner does his research on the breed before deciding. He wants to determine if that breed fits his lifestyle, home, preferences, and budget.

Don't just buy a dog just because he's cute. There are more critical factors to consider before getting one than his appearance.

4. The FB-Dependent Dog Owner

The facebook dependent dog owner - annoying dog owners on facebook

Facebook may look like a giant treasure chest of answers, but we must remember that this platform consists of people... real people with real lives behind these computers and smartphones. You can't always expect an immediate answer for emergency queries like this one. Besides, no matter how serious your question may be, people may not feel the same urgency you may feel right now. At the end of the day, your post will just be an ordinary Facebook post meant to be buried by new ones on people's feeds.

Secondly, if your dog is sick and hasn't been eating for two days now, and worse, vomiting blood... why are you still on Facebook? Put down your phone now and take him to the vet ASAP! Even if you have a Facebook friend who's a veterinarian, he won't be able to run tests on your dog online. No money to pay the vet? Read #1 again!

5. The Backyard Breeder

The Backyard Breeder - annoying dog owners on facebook

One of the most essential rules in buying a dog is "Only buy a puppy from a good and responsible breeder, not from a backyard breeder." Unfortunately, the number of backyard breeders is already getting out of hand today. Why? Many people are ill-informed of the consequences and dangers of buying a puppy from these breeders.

Suppose the breeder sells animals to pet stores. In that case, sells multiple breeds (more than 3 kinds), sells dogs with no papers, doesn't value his reputation for seeking to improve the breed, doesn't provide guidance and tips to buyers, and doesn't have at least the mother dog in his premises, insists of meet-ups with the buyer somewhere else instead of inviting for a kennel visit, has no deep knowledge about the breed's history, temperament, etc. - then he's a backyard breeder.

First-time dog buyers are the easiest targets. New and more reports of different kinds of backyard breeding scams appear on my timeline almost every day. Since all puppies are cute and cuddly, many believe that the ones they bought are purebred. If you're unlucky enough, puppies from some of these breeders have health conditions that may appear after they turn one (personal experience!) due to inbreeding or improper breeding.

A friend felt very lucky after he purchased a purebred dog with a PCCI Registration for a meager price. After 3 months, he transferred his dog's paper under his name. Upon his visit to the PCCI office, he discovered that the registration he was holding was fake. He tried to contact the backyard breeder, but the number was already inactive. And to make matters worse, he doesn't know his address since they met outside a mall. The breeder's name in his fake registration isn't his.

These backyard breeders should stop once and for all, not only for the time I've been wasting in reporting and bashing them online, for the naive buyers who are easily scammed by these improper puppy mills, but also for the quality of the breeds and their next generation. If this kind of business continues, almost all dogs in the future will have shorter life spans, weaker immunity systems, more health conditions, and even untimely extinctions.

6. The Hoarder

The Hoarder - annoying dog owners on facebook
Okay, you love dogs that much. You can afford to have a hundred of them at home. If you're the only one taking care of them, are you sure you're spending enough time with each of them? Can you still control them? If you can't call away a dog from a distraction, then there lies the problem. If you want to add a new dog to the pack, ensure everyone knows basic obedience first.

Think of your future first before having more than 3 or 4 dogs at home. If you start having a family, can you still handle all of them? Can you still provide them everything they need (food, vaccines, exercise, playtime, etc)?

Worst scenario - what if one of them got infected with a contagious disease? Do you have the appropriate premises to isolate the sick dog from the healthy ones? Can you ensure you can quickly disinfect the areas so no one gets the virus? And most importantly, can you afford the vet bills if everyone gets sick?

7. The Traditional Homeowner

The Traditional Homeowner - annoying dog owners on facebook
Burglars nowadays are no longer afraid of dogs. They now have a technique to enter homes without getting bitten by our pets. Guess what? They poison and kill them before entering the property.

If you want to secure your home, install a security system instead of risking an innocent dog's life!

8. The Show-Off

The Show Offs - annoying dog owners on facebook
A guy from one of my dog groups who own a Siberian Husky said this recently. His exact words were, "Ang lakas maka-guwapo ng Husky!".

Bro, if I didn't know you and I saw you at the park with your dog, I'll come to you because of your dog. Not you. I'm sure that other people will strongly agree with me.

Don't get a dog if this is your only purpose. You'll be wasting your time and money. You're a hopeless loser if you want to charm women by getting a dog. They want your dog, not you.


  1. Hahaha! I love this post! I know someone who's so #8. Gotta share this to him!

  2. just last week, my bro was scammed by a backyard breeder from las pinas. it was his 1st time to buy a dog for his girlfriend so he had no ideas about the "rules". the breeder asked for a 50% downpayment for the great dane puppy and agreed to meet up at alabang town center the following day to hand over the puppy and settle the 50% balance. the breeder didn't show up! he couldn't contact him again until today. bye bye 20K.

  3. I want to add more about these nasty backyard breeders. These breeders are the reason why the quality of the breeds went down. Look at shih tzus, labradors, pomeranians, pugs, etc. They sometimes put them in bargain! Shame to these breeders. They should be penalized. Or atleast there should be a law or official rules regarding the pricing and selling of dogs.



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