8 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give a Dog as a Gift

8 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give a Dog as a Gift

Dogs are adorable and fun to be with at home. They are friendly and pleasant to play with. They can even provide comfort and stress relief after a hard day at work. However, despite their best characteristics and features, they don't make a lovely gift.

In case you're wondering why, here are 8 good reasons why you shouldn't give dogs as gifts.

1. It requires financial responsibility

Even though you give a fully vaccinated puppy to your friend, he still has to spend money on food, grooming supplies, and other needs. If he is not financially prepared, your friend and the dog might suffer the consequences.

2. It entails a lifestyle change

If your recipient prefers to live alone, giving him a dog as a gift might force him to completely change his lifestyle. Unfortunately, not all people are successful when it comes to such changes. As a result, the dog may not get the physical and psychological stimulation it needs to be healthy.

3. It needs home preparation

It's not enough that you consider how large a recipient's home is. For your friend and the dog's safety, you should also consider its environment. A busy street, for example, can make a dog feel agitated, especially if the dog's new owner isn't fully committed to its well-being.

4. It can put the dog's life in danger

Owning a dog might be great, but you can’t always say the same thing for your recipient. If he feels otherwise and can't return the dog, it might end up in a dog shelter. If the people at the shelter can't find him a new home, he's likely to get euthanized.

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5. It creates the wrong impression about dogs

Giving dogs as gifts creates the impression that they are invaluable and disposable. Once the excitement factor wears off after a few days or weeks, the dog can be at risk of neglect. This is very common among kids who have short attention spans and lack the responsibility of taking care of another life.

6. It can cause additional stress

Holidays and essential occasions are very stressful. There's food preparation, gift buying, celebrations, and gatherings. Because of these factors, training or even setting aside time to feed and walk a new dog can be difficult. Even looking after it during such a busy season can be challenging.

7. It can put the recipient at risk of allergies

A large number of people are allergic to cats and dogs. Some don’t even know allergies until they become fully exposed to the animal. Even though you have good intentions in giving the gift, you can put the recipient's health at risk.

8. It's usually an impulse decision

Impulse decisions are likely to end up as bad decisions. Before you give in to your kids’ plea about getting a dog as a gift, consider their capabilities to care for it first. If they aren't fully prepared, you can take full responsibility for the dog.


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