Top 10 Gift Ideas Every Dog Owner Will Love

Top 10 Gift Ideas Every Dog Owner Will Love

Dog owners aren't the most complicated people to shop for. In fact, they’ll enjoy just about anything that can make them closer to their pets. If you are clueless about what gifts to buy this holiday, here are 10 ideas you can write down on your list.

1. Petcube

Petcube Pet Camera

One of the best gifts any dog owner can receive is a Wi-Fi camera that can let him talk to and check on his pet anytime he wants. Petcube does precisely that and more. Aside from being a camera, it also features a fun way for dog owners to play with their pets while they are still out of the house.

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2. Squeaky toy

squeaky toy for dogs

Squeaky toys are appealing to dogs because they stimulate their predatory instinct. They are also quite fun to chew on and provide a good way of passing out time while their owners are still not at home.

3. Retractable dog leash

Retractable dog leash

If you have a friend who likes taking his dog out for a walk, a retractable dog leash is an excellent gift idea. It gives dogs enough freedom to walk around without technically being off-leash. Just make sure you buy one that’s durable and has a secure locking mechanism instead of the regular push system you’ll find in other types of leashes.

4. Organic shampoo

organic dog shampoo

A quality and safe dog shampoo can be hard to find, especially since most commercially available products are filled with preservatives and harmful ingredients. If you know an excellent organic shampoo, include it in your gift ideas.

5. Stylish sweater

sweater for dogs

Owning a dog is already fun, but being able to dress it up in silly and festive clothing during holidays can make it twice as enjoyable. If you invite your friend’s dog to your holiday party, make sure to give them a stylish sweater to get into the spirit.

6. Refillable dog water bowl

Refillable dog water bowl

Make your friend’s life a lot easier and more convenient by giving him a refillable water bowl for his pet. This way, he won’t constantly worry about his dog getting thirsty and dehydrated at work.

7. Customized pet pillow

customized pet pillow for dogs

By giving someone a customized gift, you’ll be able to make him feel extra special. It doesn’t get any better for a dog owner than receiving a present he and his pet can enjoy. A pillow can add warmth to his lap as his dog gets to comfortably rest on it.

8. Pet Tote

pet tote

A tote makes a nice gift for someone who likes to travel with his dog. It can serve as a cute puppy carrier or a bag for his treats and food on the go. Find one that has a sturdy fabric to ensure that it’s durable. You can buy creatively designed tote bags or make them more personal and go DIY style.

9. Custom portrait

dog portrait

A dog’s portrait won’t only capture its image, but it can also show its personality. It also makes good home decor, provided that you pick the right frame to match the rest of the house.

10. Dental chews

dental chews for dogs

Dogs can develop the same dental issues as humans. Since they don’t always get to see dentists as frequently as we do, giving them some dental chews can be your next best option. Dental chews can help control tartar buildup and freshen their breath. 

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