Artificial Grass if You Have Dogs at Home: The Benefits and Proper Treatment

golden retriever dogs on artificial grass

If you own dogs, you will be aware that natural waste can be a problem. Also, dogs like to spend time outdoors, so a garden is a necessity. Dogs love to roam on lawns, and many also like to dig, which can be troublesome. We have a recommendation for dog owners that may solve a lot of the problems: install artificial grass.

If you haven't considered this option before, you're not alone. Many people are unaware of the qualities of modern artificial turf. It has come a long way since the original product was introduced some decades ago. Easy to maintain, durable and long-lasting, fake grass is a very sensible alternative to the real thing, and especially if you have dogs or other pets.

So, what are the benefits of artificial grass? Let's have a look at what makes artificial grass the choice for dog owners, and how you should care for it properly.

artificial turf for dogs

Why Artificial Grass?

Dogs tend to find a spot in the garden where they prefer to do their business. If their favorite spot is on the lawn, there'll be some faded and unsightly patches of grass everywhere. Also, if they like digging, the lawn would be damaged in no time. These are just two of the reasons why artificial grass is preferable to the real thing when you have dogs that regularly use the garden.

With artificial lawn, the problem of unsightly patches disappears; the synthetic grass is not subject to this problem, and nor can the dogs dig in it! Artificial grass remains lush, green and beautiful throughout, so you can be sure of an attractive lawn all year round.

Artificial grass is ideal for dogs and other pets as it is more durable than real grass; it is also much easier to maintain, is easy to clean and needs very little in terms of attention. This is further reason why it is perfect for homes with dogs that inevitably leave mess.

cleaning artificial grass for dogs

Cleaning Artificial Grass

Natural grass, by its very nature, can be difficult to keep in top condition throughout the year. It needs to be watered regularly in order to keep it growing, and regular mowing is also a necessity. With dogs, turf may need replacing after it becomes damaged and discolored, and this can also be problematic – and expensive!

Artificial grass does away with all of these problems, and also provides many other benefits. It is an affordable alternative to real grass, and is more durable, too. Easy to clean and excellent where dogs are concerned.

Removing dog waste from artificial grass should be done in the same way as you would with a real lawn. You should use the plastic bag or poop-scoop to remove solid waste, and then you can clean the area concerned. The great thing with artificial grass is that it is as simple as hosing it down.

It is recommended that you hose down the artificial lawn on a regular basis; how often is up to you, but many people choose once a week, or once a month in some cases. For the areas where dogs choose to go, you should clean regularly and make sure that all waste is removed. Urine patches are easily cleaned with water, so you don’t need to worry about there being a lasting stain.

beautiful artificial grass for dogs

Beautiful Grass All Year

Synthetic turf for dogs can be fitted with a base including a deodorizer, so you get added benefit from installing cheap artificial grass in your garden. The benefits of having a beautiful lawn no matter the weather or the season are many.

Artificial grass is soft and durable – you really cannot tell it apart from the real thing – and you can even brush it to get rid of dust and dirt, or even hoover it as you would a carpet. Those who have already installed synthetic turf who have dogs in the home are finding it to be an excellent and affordable option, and one that adds much to the garden.

It's not just pets that artificial grass is great for, as it is also durable when underfoot from the children. It's a clean, safe and proven option, and can even brighten up a small yard if you don’t already have a lawn. Make sure your dogs have a fantastic lawn on which to exercise and do what comes naturally.

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