Peyton the American Bully: New Year, New Life

rescued dog story

There's nothing better than starting the new year with an inspiring post. I want to share a true story of an American Bully who just got his best New Year's gift - a new life.

It all started when my friend, Christian Bondoc, got a call from one of Dog Walkers Club of Tarlac's members. He was asking for advice concerning his dog - a 2-year old American Bully named Peyton. According to him, they could no longer handle him due to his aggressiveness. They can't even go outside (where the dog is located) in fear of getting attacked by Peyton.

Christian immediately consulted Prince Bautista, a dog owner and trainer in Tarlac City who's also known in handling bullies. Without any second thought, they immediately paid a visit to Peyton's house.

rescued dog story

They were able to put him on a leash. He growled when they attempted to hold him. Prince took Peyton outside the house to ease the tension and his territorial instinct. After a few minutes, they already established a good connection. Peyton's already comfortable and relaxed.

Seeing how they managed Peyton, the owner decided to give him to Christian and Prince. It wasn't easy for Peyton's owner, but he knew that his beloved dog will be given the proper management for his needs if he would be adopted by someone who has more experience in handling dogs with this kind of behavior.

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Thanks to Christian and Prince - for proving that every dog, irregardless of its behavior, deserves a second chance. I would also like to give credit to Peyton's owner for doing the right move of calling for assistance, instead of abandoning the poor animal - like what irresponsible dog owners do.

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rescued dog story



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