Top 5 Dog-friendly Holiday Getaway Ideas in the Philippines

Dog-friendly Holiday Destinations in the Philippines

Leaving your dog for a few days can be heartbreaking, especially if you're having a really good time and he gets to be alone in your home or in a pet center. If you struggle with this scenario almost every holiday, it's probably the right time you modify your plans.

Instead of spending your holiday in your favorite getaway destination, consider checking these pet-friendly locations so that you and your dog can make the most out of your vacation.

1. Staycation

Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg Center Manila
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If you want to take a break from your usual routine but find traveling for long hours inconvenient for you and your pet, then staycation is the best getaway for you. One of your best options is the Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg Center Manila.

This pet-friendly hotel is located at the heart of Pasig. It has good service, amenities and ambiance. It has almost everything you’ll need for maximum comfort, including a full kitchen, pool, jacuzzi and complete furniture. The hotel is also close to shopping malls.

2. Out-of-town Beach Adventure

Costa Pacifica Baler
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In case you're craving for some waves, you can take your dog with you all the way to Baler, Aurora. Costa Pacifica welcomes pets as fondly as their owners. For safety and security, however, be sure to bring all your dog's certification as well as his medical records to let them know that your dog’s vaccination is up to date. The beach has an amazing view and there's even an infinity pool to let you relax.

3. Fun with The White Sand

The Blue Orchid Resort in Cebu
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The Blue Orchid Resort in Cebu takes pride in its fine white sand. Your dog will surely enjoy running around its pristine ground while you take a nice dive to appreciate the resort’s marvelous coral reefs. The site is a popular getaway destination for people who like diving and snorkeling but just can’t leave their precious pets behind. The ambiance is laid back and comforting. The service there is also top-notch that they'll have everything arranged for you.

4. A Retreat

Farm at San Benito
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If your definition of a getaway means escaping the busy city life, then you should consider going on a retreat to Lipa City’s Farm at San Benito. The site is located in Brgy. Tipakan and it's secluded with lots of trees and plants. It's a good place to go if you want to relax, meditate and just slow down.

The place serves vegan food and processes dishes from their own garden. Staying at The Farm is helpful if you want to detoxify both your mind and body.

5. A Close Trip To Nature

Acuaverde Resort
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Acuaverde in Laiya, Batangas is a top choice for pet lovers. Aside from the awesome welcome your pet can get, the place is also surrounded by trees, white sand and the sea. It has tons of recreational activities you can enjoy, like snorkeling and boat ride.

You can get fresh Pandan drinks upon arrival and complimentary cups of coffee throughout your stay. As for your dog, there's a lot of space for him to roam around. In case you bring him outside for a short walk, make sure that you have some poo bags, toilet paper and plastic with you so that you can clean up after your pet. Although the place is pet-friendly, you are still expected to be a responsible pet owner.


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