7 Signs You're Not a Responsible Dog Owner

Owning a dog is a much bigger responsibility than most people think. Aside from the cost, you also have to anticipate doing a lot of hard work and making many adjustments to ensure your dog’s health and wellness. While it's easy to think you have everything under control, it may not be the case.

Here are some of the most common signs that tell you're not responsible enough to own a dog.

walking dog on leash

1. You don't put your dog on a short leash when you're in public

As a dog owner, it’s easy to feel overconfident about your dog's ability to socialize with other people and dogs. Unfortunately, however, dogs are still animals. They can react based on instinct. They can suddenly attack strange dogs and unfamiliar humans, which can endanger their safety.

There was this event last year when I accidentally witnessed a large Siberian Husky almost tear my friend's tiny Pomeranian puppy into pieces. The Husky and its owner were just passing by the side of our booth when it saw the Pom preparing for its first "dog show." It was only a matter of seconds when the large dog grabbed it with its mouth and attacked it like a chew toy.

The Pom survived that incident with mild damage to its left lung and a broken hind leg. After a month or two, when everyone thought that the Pom had already recovered from all its injuries, it suddenly collapsed and died instantly. According to them (not sure if it was confirmed by a vet), the poor dog died of internal bleeding.

The lesson is that putting your dog on a leash isn't always enough. Keep the leash short when you and your dog are in a place with tons of other people and dogs around.

keep calm and leave it to the vet

2. You turn to the internet when your dog gets sick

A trip to the vet doesn’t come cheap, so you grab your laptop instead and do a quick search on your dog’s signs and symptoms. While some sites can give you answers, the problem is that they aren’t always accurate, especially if they haven’t seen your dog.

Asking around Facebook isn’t a good idea, too. Although there can be dog owners who have the same experience as you, there’s still a good chance that your dogs don’t have the same thing. In the end, your misdiagnosis can put your dog’s life in jeopardy.

dog hoarding problem meme

3. You have too many dogs

Having dogs at home is excellent if you can address all their needs. If you don’t have the financial capability to support their health requirements or have enough space and time for them, then you’re not making their lives any better.

dog needs to walk regularly

4. You don't walk your dog regularly

Much like humans, dogs need exercise to keep them in top shape. If you fail to engage your dog in the exercise he needs, he won’t be at risk of getting overweight; he’s also likely to exhibit hyperactivity. He can turn his attention to your furniture, clothes, and shoes.

dog as home security

5. You consider your dog as part of your security

Dogs are highly territorial. If they sense someone attempting to get inside their property, they’ll bark or even run after the intruders. Although they can help augment your security, you shouldn’t consider your dog as part of it. Aside from that, it places your dog in danger. It can also make you objectify your pet, leading to poor treatment.

Home intruders today are no longer afraid of dogs. They can quickly get rid of them just by poisoning or, perhaps, shooting them. If you only need security, install home security alarms and surveillance cameras instead.

sad dog home alone

6. You leave your dogs alone for an extended period

Leaving your dog alone can be inevitable if you have a 9 to 5 job. However, this doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. A responsible dog owner should be able to make arrangements so that his pet won’t be left alone for long periods.

When you frequently leave your dog, many problems can happen, mainly if he’s unable to cope with it properly. It can suffer from separation anxiety and a lot of behavioral issues.

Giving your dog a mobile phone so you can get in touch occasionally is highly impossible. But the good news is, Petcube offers a 2-way pet camera with built-in microphones and speakers so you can listen and talk to your pet anytime. This will lessen your pet's chance of developing anxiety.

dog vaccinations 

7. Your dog's vaccinations aren't up to date

Since vaccinations can be expensive, not all dog owners are willing to empty their pockets. If you are one of these people, you’re putting your dog at risk for several diseases.

While thinking that skipping their shots can save money is practical, it's the reverse. Without the proper protection, your dog can end up needing treatments that are way more expensive than their vaccinations.

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