My Big Surprise Last Night

surprise dog

Last night, I woke up to some loud talking and laughing from the living room. I got up and went outside, and there I saw my husband, JN, talking to Christian, Prince, and Leah. They were in a hurry. I asked them where they're going and before JN could answer, Christian "shhhhh-ed" him and told me, "We won't be long, we're just getting something.".

I spent the next 30 minutes thinking, "What on earth would they get at this hour?". Since Prince and his wife, Leah, were here - then it could be a dog. The common denominator between us five (Me, JN, Christian, Prince, and Leah) is dogs.

Remember Peyton? An American Bully rescued by Christian and Prince last month?

But what's with the "shhhhh-ing"? It might be a Golden Retriever. Since everyone knows that JN and I are GR lovers and owners, that could be it. But why did it seem like they were trying to surprise me? Could it be one of my dream dogs - a Newfoundland or a Shetland Sheepdog? Nah, these breeds are rare in the Philippines, especially here in Tarlac.

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After minutes of pretending like I'm Sherlock Holmes doing the Science of Deduction, Chris entered the house and asked me to go outside. I immediately saw JN holding a dog leash. When I saw the dog, my heart leaped! I could no longer remember how many times I shouted "Oh my God!". I used to think that beauty queens were the only ones who can do that tears of joy thingy, until I almost had one last night.

It was a Shetland Sheepdog! A Sheltie!

His name is Armor, a 5-year-old Shetland Sheepdog previously owned by one of Prince's friends. Apparently, his previous owner could no longer take care of him because of the number of dogs they currently have at home.

Frank - Shetland Sheepdog -  Sheltie
This was Armor (now named Frank) before we groomed him

True enough, there are some tangles and knots in his fur. He's smaller compared to other Shelties I'd seen. His smell indicated that he wasn't given a bath for a month or two. His left ear is swollen, could be a sign of infection.

Golden Retrievers and Shetland Sheepdog
Mhershey was excited to welcome his new brother

My husband took Armor to the vet this afternoon. The swollen ear was caused by a hematoma that wasn't treated immediately. He also had a blood test and found out that Armor is positive for heartworms. The most worrying part is, according to the vet, this particular type of breed has a different kind of heartworm management. That specific medicine is currently not available here in Tarlac, so she'll give us a call as soon as she gets one.

Frank - Shetland Sheepdog - Sheltie
Frank during his grooming session

Since Armor has been given a chance to start over, we're now naming him Frank. He's happy with his new name, his new house, and his new family.

Frank - Shetland Sheepdog - Sheltie
Frank - after being checked and groomed this afternoon.

Thank you Prince, Leah and Chris for giving us Frank, and for giving him a chance to a new and better life. 

At the end of the day, it's not the breed that matters anymore, it's about saving a life... in this case, a life of an adult dog who's suffering silently due to these annoying heartworms. And don't forget the untreated hematoma!


  1. You are one lucky pup, Frank! I'm so happy I came across this post, very heartwarming. Good luck to you and your new family! :)



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