Safe Traveling with Dogs

traveling with dogs

Your dog is your constant companion at home, so why not when you are out on your travels?

Whether you have your own car or travel by public transport, there are plenty of opportunities to take your dog with you, but it pays to know the best things to do to ensure you are safe. For example, if on public transport, you must remember that other passengers are using the service and ensure your dog is always controlled.

It’s also worth checking with the bus driver before you get on, as dogs may not be allowed if too many people are already on the bus. Trains are a different proposition; dogs are generally welcome on most train networks in the UK. Again, please check in advance in case they are not, and ensure you have adequate space for your dog and that other passengers are not affected.

Dogs in Cars

Your dog is the best-behaved dog ever, but that does not mean it is safe to travel in a car with him or her sitting in the passenger seat! You need to have the dog in the back, or even in the space behind the back seats in a hatchback or estate, to be entirely safe and not be distracted when driving. This is as much for your safety as it is for that of other road users.

You should also make sure that you carry water and bowls with you so you can give the dog a much-needed drink during the journey, and if it is a long trip, make sure you stop for a drink, food, and toilet breaks at reasonable intervals. Also, remember that dogs can get travel sick, too, so talk to your vet about appropriate pills that can prevent this and make sure you have some to hand. With everything prepared, you can enjoy any journey with your beloved pets and the fun and excitement that comes at the end of the trip.

Holiday Fun

If you take your dog on holiday, you will surely have the best fun. There are many dog-friendly options for accommodation in the UK; after all, your dogs are part of the family too. If you are going to a coastal location, make sure that dogs are allowed on the beach; many beaches now have dog-free areas, so please respect the wishes of those who don’t want dogs running with them on the beach!

The key words are safety and control; keeping your dogs under control in the car or on public transport ensures everything is safe for the dog, yourself, and other passengers, so be sensible and follow our advice. You will find that traveling with your dog adds another dimension to your holiday or day trip.


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