How Strong is a Pitbull?

How strong is a pitbull

Just how strong do you think a pitbull is?

Can the tight skin and strong muscles tow an empty box trailer a few yards? Or he could help with moving your living room sofa.

If you are asking yourself these questions, you are not alone. Pitbulls are generally robust, muscular and can grow to gigantic sizes. So you are not crazy for wondering whether you can piggyback on your Pitbull just to see how tough he is.

But since we do not want you to risk a nip, we will let you in on the secret.

Pitbulls are muscular, but they are not the strongest of dog breeds. A German Shepherd is stronger than a pit bull; we will tell you why.

Before that, let us try and understand the myth behind why Pitbulls are considered the strongest of dog breeds.

The Origin of Pitbulls 

In the early 19th century, Pitbulls were bred as fighter dogs. They went head to head with bulls and bears in fighting cages. The results were gruesome, but everyone realized the biting power of a Pitbull.

And that is how we measure the strength of a pit bull, by considering how strong its bite is.

So why is a Pitbull’s bite, not the strongest out there?

Because he is ranked number 13 of the dog breeds with a strong bite.

This begs another question.

How do we measure the strength of a Pitbull bite? 

A dog’s biting power is measured by how much pressure it exerts on the surface it is biting. The average biting pressure of a normal dog is around 269 pounds of force (psi). A pitbull’s bite is rated at 235psi, which is way below.

There are dogs with a more prominent biting force than pit bulls. They are;

  • German Shepherd (238 psi)
  • American Bulldog (305 psi)
  • Rottweiler (328 psi)
  • Leonberger (399 psi)
  • English Mastiff (552 psi)
  • Cane Corso (700 psi)

Does this mean a Pitbull is a harmless furry friend?

In most cases, he is. Pitbulls are known to be mellow and sweet-tempered. Contrary to what people believe about them, they tend to make some of the best family dogs.

But we cannot forget that a pit bull belongs to the breed of dogs known as Molossers. These are large dogs bred for their strength and agility. This is to say a Pitbull is still a strong dog that can deliver a powerful bite.

Training a pitbull to have a more potent biting force is possible.

Tips for Building a Pitbull's Biting Force 

This training is only necessary if you raise a Pitbull pup to become a guard dog. If you just want an active family dog that is friendly to everyone, you can skip this section.

When training your Pitbull to have a stronger bite;

  • Ensure you start the training when the Pitbull is still a pup. This will help to grow your dog’s physical and mental strength.
  • Ensure you are using the right training gear. Use a soft biting surface when working with puppies. Pitbull puppies still have soft jaws that are developing. Having them bite on a hard surface could hurt their gums and discourage them from learning how to bite strongly. 
  • Use a soft biting surface like a rope tug toy. This is gentle on your pup’s jaws and encourages him to bite harder into the surface. Like a decoy suit, a more rigid surface will suffice if your Pitbull is all grown. 
  • For a large dog, you should let them bite into the suit and part of the ‘man.’ Do not worry. He will not leave a nasty wound on your arm as he is protected. Alternatively, train your dog with a leash and a hard surface like a piece of cowhide leather. 
  • You should always watch your dog’s reaction during bite training. He becomes shy if the dog’s bite does not feel firm when you tug at the biting surface. Some dogs will bite and have their eyes looking elsewhere. This indicates that the dog is shy or unsure whether they are doing it right. And this is where you use positive reinforcement. 
  • If your dog has his tail between his legs or his body lowered, he is shy and timid. Some Pitbull puppies may shake in fear.
  • Positive reinforcement lets the dogs win when they bite and tug at the surface. When he bites, pretend you are subdued and fall to the ground. This helps build the dog's confidence. Remember, dogs bite stronger when they are sure of themselves.
  • If you use a training bite suit, ensure it fits your body perfectly. The idea is to let your dog bite into part of your arm. But they are not going to hurt you. If you wear a baggy suit, the Pitbull only bites the clothing, which feels hollow. He may freak out when he bites an intruder and does not feel the same hollowness.

Training Your Pitbull’s Body is Important as Well 

To improve your Pitbull's biting strength, you must also enhance its body strength. Remember, when a dog bites, it uses its entire body strength to pull and tug. Your pup won’t be able to subdue an intruder if he cannot stand his ground.

Incorporate dog training exercises that target major muscles in your dog's body. This includes the leg, back, shoulder, chest, and abdominal muscles. Train your dog's fore and hind muscles using an ‘Up and Down' obstacle course. He works all his body muscles as he jumps over, goes through, or under a barrier. Weight pulling is another excellent exercise for a Pitbull. It puts all the major body muscles to work.

While at it, we also cannot forget a high-quality diet for your dog. Pitbulls gain weight fast, and you do not want most of that weight ending up as body fat. So feed your Pitbull pup lots of proteins and high-energy foods. You can incorporate pet supplements like Bullyade, which packs many vitamins and nutrients. This helps boost your dog’s immune system and gives him a boost in performance during training sessions.

Final thoughts 

If you always wonder how intense a Pitbull is, now you know. Though there are dog breeds much stronger than him, he can still improve his biting and body strength. And you can help the pooch out using the training exercises and lifestyle changes we recommended.


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