Life Lessons We Can All Learn by Having a Dog

life lessons from dogs

Dogs are lovely, furry, warm, and cuddly. They are our companions and often become our best friends. We are drawn to their personalities, wagging tails, and friendly dispositions. Through the years of owning a dog, they grow, and we grow with them. Often, they teach us valuable lessons as we grow together. Having a dog can really change your perspective. All we need to do is observe them and be mindful of our interactions with them.

Enjoy Every Moment

Sometimes, the stresses of life can catch up to us, but dogs remind us to slow down and live in the moment. They don’t constantly worry about their problems. They enjoy whatever the moment brings, whether lounging on the kitchen floor in the sunlight or walking on the harness. They could spend their time worrying about the past or the future, but they don’t. This can remind us that sometimes we need to step back from our problems and remember to take a breath. Life is a journey, and we should enjoy the ride.


Dogs love to play and run every day. They feel the natural inclination to stretch and work their bodies. Have you ever seen a dog playing in the park, happy to simply run and chase squirrels? They intuitively know that playing and being active is good for them. We probably won’t chase many squirrels when we go to the park, but running and being active is always a healthy and fun activity. Keeping our bodies and minds occupied with an active pastime like exercise can boost mood, productivity, and health. Sometimes, we must put everything down, put the dog harness on our furry friends, and take them for a walk. It is a bonding experience, and you will be happier and healthier.


Sometimes, your dog gets into trouble, and you must discipline him, or maybe he is begging for a treat he won’t get until later. Does he ever hold a grudge against you? Even when you punish him or don’t give him pleasure, he’s not angry because he knows that you still love him. Sometimes, we get angry or sad if a friend does something to offend us. Looking back and looking at the big picture can remind us that our friendships are more important than anger, and we should forgive our friends. We should remember that our relationships with those around us are essential, and things or arguments should never precede our friendships.

Be Loyal

Your dog is loyal to you and will stay by your side no matter what. Dogs are pack animals and consider their human family their pack mates. He will be loyal to and defend his pack no matter what. Their loyalty is a big part of why dogs are called man’s best friend. This can remind us that we must invest time in our human relationships and be loyal to our friends. Any relationship takes commitment. If someone is important to you, show them.

Don’t Stress Over the Little Things

As all dog parents know, taking care of your furry family member comes with minor grievances and annoyances. Maybe your pup made a mess of the trash, or perhaps he chewed up your best pair of shoes. No matter what your dog gets into, it will happen again. However, at the end of the day, you still love your dog no matter what he does. Those silly annoyances pale compared to the joys of having a furry friend. We can apply this logic to our everyday lives. Maybe you made a mistake; regardless, accept that it happened and move on. Minor mistakes do not signify the end of the world.

Have Patience

Owning a pet involves mundane tasks like cleaning up after him, walking him, and feeding him. Many of these responsibilities must be done regularly, and though we might not always want to attend to a particular task at a specific time, we must do it when we have a pet. It takes patience to set aside time regularly to care for your dog, especially when you would rather be doing something a little more fun. However, it is something you must do. Ultimately, it’s all worth it, and you get the rewards of a happy dog and a strong bond with him.

Greet the Day With Enthusiasm

Mornings can be a drag. When you don’t want to pull yourself out of bed, take inspiration from your dog. He's always primed and ready for the day to begin. Every morning is a new day to play, work and live. Embrace each day with enthusiasm and acceptance. Being happy in the mornings can set the tone for your whole day. Take the preemptive step of consciously deciding to have a joyous day. Something as simple as waking up and being happy can benefit your life.

Be Yourself

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is that they are happy as they are. A dog never looks at another dog and envies them. They simply accept themselves and their capabilities. From Dachshunds to Great Danes, we love our dogs and their uniqueness. Their quirks, personalities, and differences are cute and something to be celebrated. Likewise, we should accept ourselves and our uniqueness because it makes each one of us special.

We love our dogs, and they love us unconditionally. Their charming and charismatic personalities always find a way to make us happy. There is much that we can learn from our furry best friends. Dogs can brighten your day with their optimistic, playful, and faithful personalities. Let’s take a lesson from them and try to brighten the lives of those around us and ourselves.

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