A Road Accident Between a Motorcycle and a Dog: Who’s to Blame?

road accident with a dog

Last week, we witnessed a road accident involving a motorcycle and a dog in the middle of the night. The area where it happened, despite the fact that it's a part of the National Highway going north, has no enough streetlights. In addition to that, that very road is surrounded by residential houses.

road accident with a dog capas tarlac

According to the witnesses, the motorcycle was fast. He saw the dog crossing the road but it was too late to hit the brake. He lost his balance while trying not to hit the poor animal.

As a result, the motorcycle rider fell from his bike in the middle of the highway and sustained injuries. The dog? It still got hit and died on the spot.

road accident with a dog capas tarlac

We stopped at the scene and helped the rider. There we realized that he was drunk. I asked the bystanders if they own, or at least, know the dog and its owners. According to them, the dog must have come from one of the houses in the inner parts of the area. Unfortunately, I had no luck tracking the owners down.

Who’s to Blame

The most obvious answer is the drunk motorcycle rider. If only he didn't drink or he drove carefully that night, there would be no accident.

On the other hand, if the dog's owner was responsible enough to keep his dog safely secured at home, none of this would've happened.

I just don't understand these people who can sleep peacefully while their pets' lives are at stake outside their properties. They could easily say that the dog had escaped in the middle of the night. If their house or fences aren't designed to secure anything or anyone inside them, then why did they get a pet in the first place? Shouldn't this be a priority if they care about their dog's welfare?

I still get devastated whenever I remember that accident. My heart broke because of what happened to the dog. This is, indeed, a classic example of a dog owner's negligence.

If only these universal rules were followed, there wouldn’t be any problem:
1. Don't drink and drive.
2. No overspeeding, especially in areas where there are residential houses around. If you’re going to use a modern car GPS while driving even you know the way, you'll learn the speed limit on specific areas you're passing through. Even you're on the main highway, the speed limits are different/lower in areas where there are houses built on the side of the road.
3. “Aso Mo, Itali Mo” (Leash Your Dog). This is the government's official slogan, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should keep your dogs on leash 24/7. The main idea is to keep your dogs inside your property at all times. Whenever they have to go out to do their business, accompany and walk them with a leash.
4. Always practice Responsible Pet Ownership. There are lots of rules here, but most of them are common-sense.


  1. For me, it's never the dogs fault. It's the owner or the community where the dog lives should be responsible. Then it's the driver's fault as he was drunk. Sadly lives were lost because of irresponsible people. Thanks for sharing.



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