Don't Judge a Dog By its Breed!

judging dogs behavior on their breed

For ages, many of us blame the dogs' breeds for their bad behaviors. This lack of knowledge on dogs had already caused serious damages and even deaths to our beloved canines.

Top 10 Causes of Death in Dogs and How to Prevent Them

 Top 10 Causes of Death in Dogs and How to Prevent Them

Dogs are more than just pets. For most of us, they are family. This makes keeping them safe and secure a top priority. To keep you in the loop about the most common threats to dogs’ well-being, here’s a list of the most common causes of deaths in dogs- and ways to prevent them.

10 Reasons Why the Number of Abandoned Dogs in the Philippines Continues to Rise

abandoned dogs in the philippines
Here's a sad fact - while many puppies are being born and sold everyday, more dogs are being carelessly abandoned in the streets by their irresponsible owners.

Meet Mhershey - Our Beautiful and Smart English Cream Golden Retriever

Mhershey the Golden Retriever - Philippines
My husband and I are both dog lovers and we wanted our child to be the same. Besides, kids who are exposed early to dogs are known to grow up as more responsible individuals. Who wouldn't want that?

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