A Pet-Friendly Coffee Shop in Tarlac City Spotted! The Coffee Mom Coffee Shop!

The Coffee Mom - Pet-Friendly Coffee Shop in Tarlac City

Attention, pet lovers of Tarlac City! Prepare to rejoice as a charming oasis has emerged in our midst. Hidden from the busy streets of Tarlac, a hidden gem has been uncovered.

Introducing The Coffee Mom, a pet-friendly coffee shop that promises to be the ultimate haven for coffee connoisseurs and their beloved furry companions. In addition, since it is also co-owned by the first and only premium car care shop in Tarlac City (Nanoworx Car Care), it is also a meeting place for car owners and enthusiasts.

The Coffee Mom and Nanoworx Car Care Tarlac City

Therefore, if you're a coffee lover, car enthusiast, and pet owner, The Coffee Mom is the perfect place.

The Coffee Mom - Retro Coffee Shop in Tarlac City

With its retro ambiance, delectable treats, and a warm embrace for four-legged friends, this newly discovered coffee house is set to become the go-to destination for pet owners seeking a coffee spot to unwind.

What Makes The Coffee Mom Different in Comparison to Other Coffee Shops

The Coffee Mom - Perfectly Calibrated Espresso

The Coffee Mom is a simple coffee spot situated within the premises of Nanoworx Car Care. Originally set up to cater to carwash customers and to serve quality coffee (the way nature intended it to be), The Coffee Mom has gradually gained popularity due to the quality of their espresso and baked goods, like their signature cheesecakes and premium cookies.

The Coffee Mom Signature Cheesecake in Tarlac City

Here are some of the things that make The Coffee Mom different from the other coffee shops in the area:

  1. Professional and certified coffee baristas carefully craft every beverage The Coffee Mom serves. The flavors are distinct and well-balanced to the espresso. The shop's priority, as always written on their board, is quality.
  2. The Coffee Mom's baristas calibrate the espresso daily, ensuring they're extracting the freshly-roasted coffee beans right. They always aim for a perfectly-calibrated espresso before opening the shop every morning.
  3. The Coffee Mom's owner doesn't stock coffee bean bags in their stock room. She has relatives who own several coffee farms in the Cordillera highlands, and the delivery of new coffee beans depends on their inventory to ensure freshness.
  4. The Coffee Mom's popular cheesecakes and premium cookies are always freshly baked by the owner. This is why they're almost always sold out.
  5. The Coffee Mom's owner has been a pet lover since she was a child. Her dream was to open a coffee spot where customers could enjoy quality coffee and pastries with their pets. And that's what she did - she built The Coffee Mom, where their previous home's dog kennel was situated.
  6. The Coffee Mom's owner is also a co-owner of Nanoworx Car Care. She's also a car enthusiast who you can talk to about cars.
The Coffee Mom - Pet Friendly Carwash Coffee Shop Tarlac City

It's clear that Tarlac City's pet-friendly coffee shop, The Coffee Mom, has captured the hearts of its patrons and their furry companions alike. In a world where pets are cherished members of our families, this coffee house has bridged the gap between our love for our pets and our passion for a perfect cup of coffee.


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With its warm hospitality and shared love for all things caffeinated, this hidden gem is a testament to the growing trend of pet-friendly spaces. So, whether you have a wagging tail or a gentle purr, The Coffee Mom is undoubtedly a haven that will delight and inspire pet owners for years.

Visit The Coffee Mom at 30 Perez Avenue San Sebastian Village Gate 3 Tarlac City. It is situated within the premises of Nanoworx Car Care, the well-known premium car care shop in Tarlac City.

You can also follow The Coffee Mom on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube.

Pet-Friendly Coffee Shop in Tarlac City Philippines


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