Mhershey's Halloween Zombie-Dog Costume During The Walking Dog-Z Event at SM Tarlac

Mhershey - golden retriever - zombie - dog halloween costume
Exactly 2 years ago, we joined a dog fashion show held at SM City Tarlac. However, this one was different. To add more fun to the upcoming Halloween Season, the event was called "The Walking Dog-Z" and each dog who would join the show was encouraged to wear costumes that would make them look like a dog-zombie or a dog-mummy.

It was our first time to join a show like this one. My husband hesitated at first but since we had no other plans for Halloween, he eventually gave me a "Yes". I was really excited that we started our preparation for Mhershey's costume 2 weeks before the event.

We agreed on making our sweet golden retriever a "rotting-dog-zombie".

Every detail was made from scratch. A lot of newspapers, wires, typewriting papers, glues, paints, food colors, coffee powder, and gummy worms were used to achieve Mhershey's "rotting-dog-zombie look". We even bought a toy dagger to complete the "bloody look" on her head.

dog halloween costume - mhershey - dog zombie

dog halloween costume - mhershey - dog zombie

The day of the dog event came. My husband wasn't able to sleep because he had to give Mhershey a bath at 3am (it would always take him 2 to 3 hours to bath and groom her). Her complete look and costume also took hours to complete. The event was scheduled to start at 10:30 in the morning, we got there at exactly 10:15 am.

The Walking Dog-Z - Event at SM City Tarlac

The show started and there were like 9 to 10 participants. My favorite participant, who eventually became one of my closest friends, and his Chinese-Crested got the 1st prize.

Karlo Primero and his chinese crested - Dog Halloween Costume
Hey, we also got a special award! :)

Walking Dog-Z Special Award for Mhershey - SM Tarlac

All in all, we had a lot of fun. It was also our chance to meet a few other dog owners in Tarlac. I'm sure Mhershey, who suddenly had an unusual stage fright, had a good time as well.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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