Ways to Handle an Aggressive Dog

aggressive dog

Do you own a dog that was once a cute lovely puppy, but now is an uncontrollable beast that always growls or snaps at your guests? You had never set out for an aggressive dog, hadn’t you?

In almost all cases, dogs give signals of their aggressive behavior over time, which are often overlooked by the owner. After all, he is protecting your home, and it’s a good thing. But dog aggression doesn't ensure the safety of your family because there are now tons of ways intruders use to get through dogs - no matter how aggressive they may be.

Safe Traveling with Dogs

traveling with dogs

Your dog is your constant companion at home, so why not when you are out on your travels?

My Big Surprise Last Night

surprise dog

Last night, I woke up to some loud talking and laughing from the living room. I got up and went outside, and there I saw my husband, JN, talking to Christian, Prince, and Leah. They were in a hurry. I asked them where they're going and before JN could answer, Christian "shhhhh-ed" him and told me, "We won't be long, we're just getting something.".

Pet Cameras: Necessity or Luxury?

pet cameras

Pet cameras are getting more and more in demand these days as people find their features increasingly helpful in caring for their precious pets. With this kind of demand, it’s not surprising to find these devices getting more expensive, too. As their price tags skyrocket, one can’t help but wonder if they are really a necessity- or just luxury.

Peyton the American Bully: New Year, New Life

rescued dog story

There's nothing better than starting the new year with an inspiring post. I want to share a true story of an American Bully who just got his best New Year's gift - a new life.


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